Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany

Brendon is thrilled to announce that Playscripts, Inc. has published his play Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany.
Click Here for a link to see more, purchase scripts, or obtain performance rights.
This project was commissioned by The Institute for Jewish Christian Understanding at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania with support from the Charles and Figa Kline Foundation.  As part of Brendon’s 2009-2010 Artist in Residency, Brendon wrote and directed this interview based play as well as directing Nora Wittaker’s The Library.

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Photos by Ken Ek and Brendon Votipka

In Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany, young people growing up in the third reich struggle to claim their identities and transition into adulthood while confronting questions about ethics, family, and self-perception. Marian’s father wants to hide a Jewish family, but Marian just wants to fit in. Ernst joins the Hitler Youth but has trouble fully embracing the lifestyle. Rebecca endures discrimination from teachers and students for her Jewish heritage. No answers come easily as these three characters experience ordinary growing pains in the face of extraordinary historical tragedy.

Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany has been produced in Chandler, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Barnesville, Georgia; New Hampton, Iowa; Princeton, Maine; Gorham, Maine; Harrisonville, Missouri; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Freehold, New Jersey; Madison, New Jersey; Washington, New Jersey; New York City, New York; Springfield, Oregon; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania;  Parker, South Dakota; Bluefield, Virginia; Saltville, Virginia; Bothell, Washington; and Rochland, Washington.  As well as Canadian productions in Abbotsford, British Colombia; Corner Brooke, Newfoundland; Chatham, Ontario; and Windsor, Ontario.

The play dubuted November 21, 2009, at the Paul C. Empie Theatre
Playwright/Director: Brendon Votipka
Asst. Director: Kaitlin Nemeth.
Starring: Nina Giacobbe, Samantha Sembler, Kelli Gill, Will Truscott, and Ethan Sachs.
Production Ensemble and Swings: Maggie Robertson, Rachel Lang, Riley Andrews, Ryan Rosenblatt and Jesse Schellenger.