The Skin You Leave Behind

The Skin You Leave Behind, was a collection of short plays directed by Vanessa Lancellotti, performed at TBG Theatre in Manhattan. Brendon curated the evening.

The evening featured five short plays exploring a new generation’s intimate relationship with the internet and the self including two plays written by Brendon, with other short works by some incredibly talented writer friends: Carrie Louise Nutt, Josh Levine, and Michael Jared Kite.

Narcissus: Suffer The Little Children Unto Me
Mrs. Teacher: Hannah Rapaport-Stein
Ameinias: Eric Thompson
Narcissus: Scott Parkinson

Grieving Space
Marissa: Jocelyn Gammon
Emily: Katie Van Rensalier
Jonathan: Dan Medvidick
Kayla: Nina Giacobbe

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Photos from Grieving Space and Narcissus.
Photos by Erik Carter Photography, 2011.